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Ins and Outs 2017

This is my joint shopping and clearing out/using (up) list for the year which I will publish as a blog post on 31 Dec 2017 or 1 Jan 2018, but will be visible here all year whilst in progress.  Digital things such as book, magazines and knitting patterns don't count as my purpose is not so much to control spending (although that's never a bad thing), but to cut down on physical stuff. Some of the numbers aren't very consistent, nor are the size or scales of the items, but I have to remind myself not to be too pedantic!

Latest Update: 13 December
* Print Matter - Books, Mags etc
Given 1 art book and one 'Stitch' magazine
Bought 9 kids' books - wow!  Broke my book No Buy on 16 Feb '17 after 780 days.
1 new songbook and 1 Chinese yearbook
1 large cross stitch magazine
6 travel brochures
1 diary for 2018

8x books
30x mags, catalogues and brochures

(Several ready to go, 4 listed on Amazon)


* Cosmetics and perfumery
Pack of 3 cosmetic sponges
2x Gosh CC Foundation

Out (used up or given away/sold):
Boots Natural Collection tinted moisturiser - finished
Boots No7 CC cream sample - finished
Boots No7 mini liplicious light pink - finished
Boots No7 mini liplicious dark pink - lost, but almost gone anyway
Too Faced light pink palette lip girl in 'Naughty Girl' Quickie Chronicles - finished
e.l.f. eye primer - finished as much as I could bear to - it was useless!
Chanel blue, pink, gold and peach lip glosses
Rimmel Sweet Lips gloss
Etude House pink gloss
3 lippies, 4 blusher shades and 29 eyeshadow shades given to a friend.
2 perfumes in the charity bag
1x pack of oil absorbent facial paper
1x cosmetic sponge
1x powder puff


* Regular Personal Care Items
1x Body Shop eye make up remover
1x Body Shop face wash sample
2x Lush Angels on bare skin facial scrub
1x Boots facial scrub
5x Boots Botanics face wash
4x Lush Oatifix (freebies for returning 5 empties)
1x face mask sachet
1x litre bottle of floral waters for skin toner
7x Lush full sized face creams
2x Lush face cream samples
5x Lush Full of Grace bar
1x eye cream
1x Weleda cream
6x lip balm
7x shower gel
3x body scrubs
1x Boots deodorant
1x Body Shop almond nail treatment pen
6x Lush Dream Cream
1x Lush peppermint cream
5x body butters
4x body creams/oils
1x pack of hand and nail care gift goodies
6x shampoo
1x shampoo bar for Go Bag
1x shampoo sample
1x scalp treatment sample
12x hair conditioner (inc 1 small and 1 part bottle passed on to me)
2x conditioner samples
1x hair/scalp balm sample
10x hair colours
4x Superdrug Hair Therapy oil
1x pack tooth flossers
1x Sainsbury's baby powder
1x Boots hair lightener pack

Out (used up):
3x Lush Angels on bare skin facial scrub
2x facewash
1x face wash sample
4x Oatifix mask
1x large sample of Lush Mask of Magnaniminty
3x face mask sachets
11x Lush face cream - full size
2x Lush face cream - sample
5x Full of Grace serum bar
3x lip balm (including 1 lost)
7x shower gel
3x body scrub
1x deodorant
5x Dream Cream
5x Body butters/creams/oils
6x shampoo
1x shampoo sample
14x hair conditioner
3x conditioner samples
10x hair colours
4x Superdrug Hair Therapy oil
1x pack tooth flossers
1x Sainsbury's baby powder
1x foot mask sample (forgot about it and so it dried up...!!)
1x Boots hair lightener pack


* Clothes, Shoes, Accessories etc
1x 2 pack large hair claws
1x 5 pack of black knickers
1x Birkenstock sandals
1x cheap and nasty (!) handbag
1x pair Padders Boots
1x pair fingerless gloves
1x pair walking boot trainers
2x pairs cozy socks
4x pairs of new insoles
1x t-shirt - made from fabric below
1x black cardigan - made from yarn below
1x ombre jumper - made from yarn below
5x new white socks
1x glassware pendant necklace
3x pairs tights
1x pair black long janes
1x pair gloves

1x pair of specialist shoes returned to shop as unsuitable
1x jacket
3x odd gloves
7x pairs knickers
3x pairs cosy socks
2x pairs old shoes binned
1x broken hair claw
3x pairs tights thrown out
1x pair old socks
1x odd sock
1x pairs socks
3x woolies
1x scarf
1x swimming hat
1x cheap handbag (kept fastenings to use on a homemade bag)

(Items here counted by wearable units. Pack of 5 knickers = 5, but pairs of gloves, shoes etc = 1.)

* Stationery, Art & Paper Crafts Supplies
4x metallic gel pens
1x pack tissue paper for dressmaking
1x A1 sheet of mountboard
1x roll of invisible tape
1x roll duct tape

Used 4 sheets of art paper in ugly colours to make notepad covers
Wad of scrap paper for notebooks, various sizes
Sheet of labels used up
20x D6 envelopes
12 airmail labels (cleared out supply)
4x card blank + envelope
2x sheets stickers
1x roll end of duct tape
7x biro used up/kaputt
4x cards sold in charity auction

- 52

* Needlework Supplies
27x buttons
3x zips
6x packs of Madeira Silks - new colours and a couple that I missed out
11x skein Coton à broder #16
4x skeins of DMC Coloris
23x sewing patterns
3m grey/black cotton jersey
3m floral viscose
2m purple ponte roma
2m black ponte roma
0.7m black cotton single jersey
5x small pieces of embroidery type fabric
2x 6" square pieces of brass mesh
2x reels black thread
3x packs of machine needles
1x chalk marker pen
jar of buttons from mum (not sure how to number, esp. as I'm numbering both bought and used buttons individually, but I can't face adding about 100 items to the list!)
30x spools/samples/card Kreinik thread (in a gift pack from them) I plan to sell 18 of them.
1x Kreinik metallic threads colour chart
1x Kreinik metallic threads gauge bundle (also won't keep)

38x buttons
0.7m black cotton single jersey (except scraps)
1x small piece cross stitch fabric
1 reel of overlocker thread
1x snowflake charm
1x zip
3x reels of thread
1x older dress pattern


* Yarncraft Supplies
6x 200g balls of James Brett Marble chunky yarn
11x 100g balls of Bonus Chunky yarn
8x balls Tweed chunky yarn
6x Chunky with merino yarn
4x Wendy aran 400g balls yarn
6x Patons Baby So Soft yarn
2x 100g balls of Bamboo Cotton yarn
1x 100g ball of yellow baby yarn
1x Cottonsoft yarn
1x Sirdar Snuggly DK
4x small balls yarn (workshop kit)
2x chunky knitting patterns
1 pair 6mm knitting needles
1 pair 9mm knitting needles
1 pack large cable needles (6mm & 8mm)
1 circular needle
1 pack double pointed needles
4x stitch holders
pack stitch markers
row counter

4x balls Sirdar snuggly DK (some tiny scraps left)
2x ball end scraps
1x ball Bamboo Cotton yarn
9x balls Bonus Chunky
1x ball Cottonsoft yarn
1x 200g balls of James Brett Marble chunky yarn
4x ball King Cole Tweed Chunky


* Miscellaneous
External hard drive
Clover Mini-Iron II
12x display easels for shows etc
Digital camera
Perpetual trophy (i.e. to be returned next year)
Cuddly toy a kid gave me!
5x miniature items from fair in April - 2 already a bit broken :(
1x computer mouse
1x massage ball thingy
1x ministry folder

Perpetual trophy returned
Make up bag
2x old pen drives
1x keyring
1x old passport
1x wad of old business cards etc


Overall Balance, Personal Items = +24

* Domestic Items
freezer door flap
cleaning brush thingy for nasal rinse bottle
4x new towels
1x tea towel (gift)
4x klip fresh food boxes
1x pack of small bulldog clips (for kitchen use)
1x new heater

1x old freezer door flap
1x old, broken heater
4x old towels



* Sweets
1x 1kg tub Morrisons Mega Mix
1x 750g tub Sainsburys sweets
2x 100g bag Cadburys Mini Eggs
1x bag Terry's chocolate orange pieces
1x Sainsbury's Free From choc orange bar
2x box Morrison's Orange Thins
1x box Morrison's Mint Thins
1x Mini Moos vegan orange chocolate bar
1x Moo free choc bar
1x Plamil sugar free mint choc bar
7x Plamil organic choc bars
1x box Tesco Strawberry and Orange Cremes
3x bags of Morrisons Dark Choc Mint Cremes
1x 1kg bag of Sainsburys Basics choc and toffee mix (most of which will go to mum's)

Bought for me by others
2x Terry's Chocolate Orange
Green & Blacks sample bar pack
1x big bag of Maltesers
1x big box Milk Tray

Total items: 29 - although some were rather larger than others (and 3 of the Plamil etc bars were for baking).

Not counted in the ins and outs totals. This category is to keep a limiting eye on confectionery purchases - up to 2 per month being the goal.  Fail!

© Elizabeth Braun 2017

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