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Book Inventory

Latest version: 2 August 2017  (still a lot of guessing going on....)

Books that can go once I've read/studied them  PRIORITY READING!
Books I would consider losing (once completed, where relevant)
Books that I will part work, then keep the rest in an A4 binder, recyling sections as worked.
Books I have no immediate plans to finish with and want for later/reference
Books that can go now
Books still packed

*Novels: 2
*Kids' books: 43

Total number of Chinese texts (including workbooks): around 70, 3 (+4) to go at once, 15 to finish with asap, 17 I would consider losing once complete, 5 dictionaries and 30 still packed that I want to study in time

Elementary texts - first year level
*Elementary Chinese Readers Book 2 
*Elementary Chinese Readers Book 3
*Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vols 1&2
*Practice Makes Perfect Basic Chinese  

Lower Intermediate texts - second year
*Elementary Chinese Readers Book 4
*Elementary Chinese Readers Supplement (i.e. Book 5)
*Practical Chinese Reader Book 3 (old version)
*Modern Chinese Beginners Course Vol 3
*Chinese Readers Vol 2
*Chinese Readers Vol 4
*Colloquial Chinese 2
*Zoubian Zhongguo
*Beijing's Courtyards
*Teahouses in China
*Practical Audio Visual Chinese Vol 3
*Practical Audio Visual Chinese Vol 4
*Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing
*Chatting in Chinese
*Taiwan Today

Upper Intermediate Texts - third year
*Speaking in Chinese About China I
*Speaking in Chinese About China II
*Zhongguo Jianying
*Hanyu Zhongji Jiaocheng I
*Hanyu Zhongji Jiaocheng II
*Extensive Reading Course of Modern Chinese Vol 1
*Extensive Reading Course of Modern Chinese Vol 2
*Step by Step Chinese - Intermediate Reading
*Zhongguo Shidian I
*Zhongguo Shidian II
*Chinese for A Level
*Readings From Chinese Writers
*Far East Everyday Chinese Vol 3 (revision of)
*Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol 5 (duplicate)
*Old baokan book

Advanced texts - fourth year
*Streetwise Chinese
*Quasi-Advanced Spoken Chinese Vol 1
*Quasi-Advanced Spoken Chinese Vol 2
*Hanyu Gaoji Kouyu Vol 1
*Hanyu Gaoji Kouyu Vol 2
*Hanyu Gaoji Jiaocheng Vol 1
*Hanyu Gaoji Jiaocheng Vol 2
*Reading Course in Chinese Literature
*Chinese Business Conversations
*Learn About Chinese Through Newspaper Reading

Grammar and Reference

*Schaum Outline of Chinese Grammar
*Chinese Demystified
*Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar 
*Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook
*Intermediate Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook
*Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Student's Guide to Correct Structures and Common Errors  
*Learning Chinese Measure Words
*Foreigners' Commonly Made Mistakes
*Schaum Outline of Chinese Vocabulary
*Live ABC Picture Dictionary
*DK Visual Dictionary
*Usborne First 1000 Words in Chinese
*Chinese Frequency Dictionary - 500 Characters
*Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dict
*Fun with Chinese Characters Vol 1
*Fun with Chinese Characters Vol 2
*Fun with Chinese Characters Vol 3
*Chinese Idioms Vol 1
*Chinese Idioms Vol 2
*Han-Ying Cidian
*Concise Far East Dict
*Straits Times Eng-Ch dict
*Eng-Ch large dict
*ABC Pinyin dict
*Old HSK dict

Total number of books: 6 ready to go, 14 to study up asap, 2 in box, 2 reference, 2 part study, part keep = 30

*Langenscheidt dictionary
*Auftakt 1 (when others complete - sell as full course)
*Grammar book that goes with Auftakt
*Auftakt 2
*Auftakt 3
*Auftakt 4 (+4 audio-vis notes books, 4 videos, 8 CDs)
*German in Three Months
*Hugo's German for Business
*Old Teach Yourself German
*Teach Yourself Improve Your German
*Hugo Taking German Further
*em neu Hauptkurs (B2) 1-5
*em neu Abschlusskurs (C1)
*Langenscheidt Basic German Vocabulary and Workbook
*Letts Revise GCSE German
*German Frequency Dictionary
*Practice Makes Perfect German Sentence Builder
*Practice Makes Perfect German Pronouns and Prepositions
*Practice Makes Perfect German Verb Tenses
*Practice Makes Perfect German Conversation
*Practice Makes Perfect German Problem Solver
*Collins Gem dictionary
*Collins full dictionary
*Collins Gem verb tables
*Collins Gem grammar
*Langenscheidt grammar table

Total number of books: 18

*Teach Yourself Beginners Italian
*Teach Yourself Italian
*Practice Makes Perfect Basic Italian
*Italian in Three Months
*Living Italian
*Hugo's Advanced Italian Course
*Teach Yourself Italian Extra
*Passegiate Italiane  (?? Not sure if still have this one)
*Schaum Outline of Italian Grammar
*Italian Verb Drills
*Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions
*Teach Yourself Italian Vocabulary

Total number of books: 11

*Teach Yourself Spanish
*Spanish in Three Months, (also Latin American version)
*Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish
*Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses
*Schaum Outline of Spanish Grammar
*Prisma de Ejercicios A1-A2
*Hugo's Advanced Spanish Course
*Hugo's Spanish for Business

Total number of books: 15

*French in Three Months
*Teach Yourself French (old edition)
*Hugo's French for Business
*Hugo's Advanced French Course
*GCSE Revision guide
*Practice Makes Perfect Complete French All in One
*Practice Makes Perfect French Sentence Builder
*Practice Makes Perfect Basic French
*Practice Makes Perfect French Verb Tenses
*Practice Makes Perfect French Pronouns and Prepositions

Other Languages
Total number of books: 29 from memory and old shelf photos, 44 on last count pre-move

*Colloquial Cantonese + tape
*Teach Yourself Korean
*Korean Writing in a Week
*Korean phrasebook
*Japanese phrasebook
*Japanese grammar and verbs
*Japanese beginners dictionary
*Japanese course + CD pack
*Rosetta Stone Thai
*Mongolian phrasebook
*Vietnamese dictionary
*Teach Yourself Danish + CD
**Danish in Three Months
*Dutch in Three Months + 4 tapes
*Advanced Dutch 
*Teach Yourself Dutch + tape
*Get Started in Dutch + CD(s)
*Dutch Verbs Simplified
*Teach Yourself Norwegian
*Norwegian in Three Months
*Swedish Dictionary
*Teach Yourself Finnish
*Scandinavian Phrasebook
*Eastern European Phrasebook
*European Phrasebook
*Teach Yourself Portuguese + CD
*Portuguese in Three Months + 4 tapes
*Advanced Portuguese + 4 tapes
*Greek in Three Months

Linguistics etc
Total number of books: 9

*The Study of Language
*Second Language Acquisition
*Understanding Second Language Acquisition
*Language Change
*The Encyclopaedia of Language
*Developing Professional Language Skills
*How to Learn a Language
*Farber book
*In Other Words

History & Area Studies
Total number of books: 10

*Japan book
*China - A New History
*Rebellions and Revolutions, China from 1840-1989
*China's Economic Transformation
*Governance and Politics of China
*The China Dream
*Getting Along with the Chinese
*A Love-Hate Relationship with Taiwan
*Understanding Chinese Society 

Sciences & Maths
Total number of books: 34

*OU S103: 11 books, 12 study files, 7? CD Roms, 2 videos
*OU S280 Science Matters: 6/7 books, 1 study file, audio-vis materials
*GCSE Additional Science revision and workbook
*GCSE Biology Revision and workbook
*GCSE Chemistry Revision and workbook
*GCSE Physics Revision and workbook
*OU Nutrition and Health
*OU S216 course: 6 books, 3 DVD Roms
*DK Science Encyclopaedia
*GSCE Higher Maths textbook
*GCSE maths revision book
*Old school maths books

Total number of books: 7

*Alwyn Crawshaw's Watercolour Painting Course
*Beginners' Watercolour book
*Need to Know - Drawing and Sketching
*Landscapes Problems and Solutions
*Flowers Problems and Solutions
*Ultimate Drawing and Painting Technique Bible

Embroidery and Textile Crafts

Total number of books: 51 (?20)

Bibles etc
NWTs: 8 (3)
Others: 8
Study and reference books: 49 (5)

Other Topics
*Cookbooks: 13 (?5)
*Health books: 8 (5)
*Self-development: 10 (7)
*Miscellaneous: 10-ish

Grand Total: 460-ish (Not sure as 3 boxes of book remain packed)

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