Welcome to the Fluff! Here I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Current Month

Progress on the current month's goals.  Last updated: 14 December
Number of goals for the month: 30

Completed:  5/30
In progress:  13/25

Get these long neglected tasks out of the way once and for all:
Work on at least one of these every day

* Sort and complete the Go Bag   Cleared out, rebagged and several things added. List of needed supplies drawn up, online orders placed and a number of other things bought locally. Serious forward movement. :)
* Take charity shop stuff - textiles for ragging, perfumes etc   Done! 
* List all sales stuff on eBay - spare threads, mags, perfume, shoes, and offer some things to friends   photos taken
* Catch up kr book study   36/70 paragraphs done
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German'   0.9/2.15 chapters
* Complete all vocab copying up (4-6 sources)   1st source completed, 2nd 9/20 chapters 
* Finish the bottom seam on black/grey print t-shirt, which will also mean I must do some 'sewing in straight lines' practice first
* Start some gentle tone up exercises.   Started, (done on 5 days so far), but won't be labeled 'done' until much closer to a habit being formed :)

Reading and Study

* NRSV to at least end of Luke   Zech 9 - Luke 3
* Chinese NWT finish Hebrew scriptures and try to finish Paul's letters.   Zephaniah - Zechariah 8, 2 Tim - Hebrews 9
* Finish DS4   Book completed, CD-Rom yet to attempt
* Do DS5   2.05/9 chapters
* Finish 'Spoken Chinese 2'
* Select and start another Chinese textbook
* Finish reviewing 'Revise GCSE German'
* Finish 'German in Three Months'
* Read December chapter of 'The Embroiderer's Year'   Done! 
* Finish 3 more chapters of 'Relearning to See'


* Do the finishings on my marble jumper   Done!
* Knit a chunky jumper for Sir   Back and sleeves done, ftont in progress
* Start another knit (once above complete)
* Re-start cross stitch project
* Start an embroidery piece (rose needle painting?)
* Find a suitable hat, scarf and gloves set knitting pattern   Done!  Downloaded some freebies from Ravelry and a library magazine.
* Re-start creative blogging

Clearing and Cleaning

* Sort through book boxes and living room shelves. Aim to jettison 100 books.
* Update Book Inventory page with accurate figures
* Clean oven
* Clean bathroom window   Done!
* Finish up at least one more lippie   In progress (working on 7 in total!)

Number of 'top list'/other goals worked on per day (completions):

1st: 4/8 (2)
2nd: 3/4
3rd: 2/4
4th: 0/4
5th: 2/4
6th: 3/5 (1)
7th: 0/6
8th: 1/6 (2)
9th: 4/4
10th: 0/3
11th: 4/4
12th: 0/4
13th: 1/3
14th: 1/2
15th: 0/0

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