Welcome to Towards Simplicity. I blog my goals, especially my reading and studies, and my ongoing downscaling and using up of material stuff and working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Current Month

Progress on the current month's goals.  Last updated: 24 April.

Number of goals for the month: 28

Completed:  7/28
In progress:  5/21

Domestic & Admin
* Deal with fridge freezer  Done!
* Finish the Go Bag
* Clean bathroom window
* Clean bathroom wall - dust on artex
* Go through book boxes (3) for any to sell etc
* Renew passport

Reading and Study
* NRSV Bible Psalms 63 - Song of Solomon  Ps 63 - 83
* Finish 'Getting Along With the Chinese'  4/15
* Read 'Relearning to See'
* Finish reading 'The Help' and pass on to Ellie  Done!
* Catch up WT & LMMWB bits and pieces
* Finish 'Discovering Science Book 3' (chs 8 - 18)
* Complete 'Modern Chinese Beginners Course' vol 3 (chs 59b - 75)
* 'Fun With Chinese Characters Vol 1'  (12 - 40)
* 'Beijing's Courtyards' reader (chs 1 - 5)
* Chinese vocab transfer from recent study material - 3 x WTs, Imitate & Kingdom books
* Finish 'Teach Yourself German' (ch 17b to end)
* Re-start 'German in Three Months'

* Work 'Paradise Island cross stitch to at least 85% completion   65-70% complete
* Embroidery on cream baby knit  Done!
* Work on rose thread painting
* Finish knitting pink scarf  Done!
* Start black chunky cardy  Done!
* Sort the sizing for my own cable jumper and get on with it  Just finishing sizing problem, then shelving until 2 simpler knits are done. More experience needed!
* Start on bag making tasks (backpack, knitting bag, manicure pouch)  bought packpack pattern
* Finish invisible hemming pink skirt  Done!
* Get stretch knit fabrics (from winter fabric collections) for future clothes sewing projects  Done!
* Make kids' picture books out of magazine picture collection

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